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iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8 Speed Test

November 3, 2017


Apple recently released iPhone 8 to the world, however the Apple iPhone 7 is nothing to sneeze at. In my latest video on the Nick Ackerman YouTube channel I cover real world speed tests between the two devices. This video showcases the differences between the phones in the time it takes each device to turn off from a cold start. In addition, I also share the differences in touch i.d. speed. Finally, we cap the video off by discussing the differences in application speed and multitasking. I was quite shocked to discover that the Apple touted A11 bionic wasn't much faster than last year's processor in the iPhone 7. With that being said, this upgrade might come down to other areas other than performance. Check out the video below and I will see you in the next post, be sure to be well and peace. 



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