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iPhone X from an iPhone 7 Plus users perspective

November 16, 2017


As a long time user of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone X is a radical shift in the way you interact with your device. The plus phones have always felt like true plus models. In my experience, using the plus iPhones felt like mini iPads in a way. From the rotation of landscape mode where icons can be pressed to the split settings menu it was just what you expected from a large iPhone. The iPhone X is a device that has a larger (taller) display than the 7 Plus but it tends to feel smaller. However, the introduction of the OLED to this smartphone and a larger display in a smaller body has allowed the phone to achieve a comfort level that is unmatched by the larger iPhone 7 Plus. Using both phones is radically different and it required a me to create a video to help describe more of the differences which you can check out here:(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crULQGbPOtI) In conclusion, I feel that you will get much more out of my video, but to sum it up its a taller display that is more comfortable than the 7 plus, but doesn't offer the true large iPhone feeling just yet. Maybe we will just have to wait for the iPhone X Plus.




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