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Phones I would upgrade to Galaxy S9...

February 27, 2018



Hello all, today I released a video discussing with you many flagship smartphones that I have reviewed in the past and if they should be upgraded to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9. In this article I share with you a short concise written form of that video if you prefer to read over video. (Link to Video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wbfuMfldus)  


iPhone 6S/iPhone 6S Plus - Yes I would upgrade these devices due to a few factors. Those factors being the modern design language, better battery life, faster internals. 


iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus - It hasn't even been a couple of years since the iPhone 7 launched and these devices still feel plenty fast enough to handle the most demanding tasks and they have great cameras to boot, especially the 7 Plus. Yes if you want newer more modern design language, better battery life, and improved cameras. 


Samsung Galaxy S7 - Yes this is an easy recommend due to the Samsung Galaxy S9 being 2 years newer and upgrading on the flat S7 in nearly every way, shape and form. S7 to S9 gives you newer curved design, improved display, improved battery life, improved camera, improved performance.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - No this is not one I would recommend to upgrade from just yet because this device has modern design language which will make the upgrade not feel extremely significant. Better off waiting to see what Samsung brings with the Note 9, Galaxy X later this year. 


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - No, No, and No, unless you just have to have every latest gadget that comes out, this is not a wise investment, the phone is on a iPhone S cycle style of upgrade here which will make it feel insignificant. 


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Nah, you just bought your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for $900+ dollars and it offers every feature imaginable and now S9 Plus borrows features and does offer a S Pen. Pass, the Note 9 has even got its work cut out for it with the success of the Note 8. Note 8 users keep your foot on the brake, check your impulses at the checkout and exercise patience until later this year, surely there is more risks and hotter Samsung Galaxy Devices coming!


Apple iPhone 8 - Questionable. This one comes down to regret. Did you regret buying the iPhone 8 and are bored of iOS? Consider selling the device third value before September where your phones value will drop and pick up the S9 for around the same price you could sell it for. $600-$700. S9 goes for $719.99 at launch.


Apple iPhone 8 Plus - Refer to iPhone 8 advice above.


Google Pixel 2/2XL - No this is an upgrade I would not recommend unless your not a fan of the Google stock rom, which I am sure you are or why else would you have purchased a Pixel 2 or 2XL. The cameras will likely match S9 on these devices or being just a tiny bit worse. However overall performance and software updates will reign supreme on the Pixel 2 line all year over the S9 series. Steer clear of this upgrade. Pixel 3 will likely re-ignite your excitement.











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